Why Choose Digital IP?

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Choose the advanced phone system that's designed
specifically to meet the needs of your company
packed with great features, it will help you
redefine efficiency

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Let us handle the design, installation, and training for your new
network. We have integrated services that build the solid network
your company needs to do more.

Our Specialty Business Services

  • Telephone Systems/VoIP

    Business Telephone Systems are a critical part of your day to day operations. Making sure you have the right equipment, cabling, and service will have an impact on your revenue and efficiency. VoIP, networking cables, equipment, and installation are all that Digital IP does. We’re the specialist you’re looking for.

  • Dictation

    Dictation has proven time and time again its value. Digital IP provides the latest in voice dictation/transcription hardware and software technology along with speech recognition software. Whether you prefer to use an iPhone app, digital portable, telephone, microphone or a hands free foot control/microphone we offer the options that suit your preferences.

More than 40 Years of Experience While
Serving San Antonio and Central/South Texas

  • You’re looking to reduce costs where you can, and Digital IP is here to help. With the right services and equipment to help ensure you get exactly what you need right now, we’ll help you optimize your company and ensure you have just what you need to get the results you’re looking for.

  • Better customer service is the name of the game these days, and as your local technology provider, we offer you a level of connectivity few others do. When you work with Digital IP, you can always expect a friendly voice on the other line, ready to respond to your important needs instantly.

  • State of the art technology is at your fingertips when you contact digital IP. From our advanced network cabling, to the equipment we install, we’re keeping you at the top of your game. We offer the latest solutions, fully scalable to meet the needs of your company now.