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  • Telephone Systems/VoIP

    Having the right business telephone system makes all the difference. digital_ip provides a variety of digital systems that are perfect for most any business model of any type or size.

    Digital Systems

    Having the right business telephone system makes all the difference. Digital Ip provides a variety of digital systems that are perfect for most any business model of any type or size.
    Our digital systems incorporate useful IP technology to meet your current needs and future contingencies. You can rest ESI’er (easier) knowing that a cost effective digital system is providing you tools to manage your business expediently and that your daily operations will run smoothly. Digital systems are still the office mainstay and cost effective for smaller businesses. And, sometimes the features of a digital system are not available on Hosted Systems. The pros at digital_ip can answer your questions.

    Some of the outstanding capabilities in today’s digital systems are: Connection of multiple systems to multiple locations, direct inward dialing to extensions, cost effective call recording, desktop PC and telephone integration, one touch dialing, direct dial, find me/follow me to any telephone number, mobile voice mail to smartphone, mobile voice to a tablet or PC and smart Presence Management. With or without video integration and access control. Also, we have found our ACD feature most helpful in smaller offices of 4 to 15 people

    Ip Systems

    Our pure IP systems have the same capabilities and more. In fact, we have added features over the last 20 years but I cannot think of any one feature we have deleted. These are features requested by our customers and engineered by ESI. They continue to be used today and have migrated through all products. Some additional features on our IP Systems – Deployment over one IT backbone if you want, call conference bridging, in office administration and full integration with applications like Salesforce.com. These phone systems are incredibly powerful and efficient. Your company will certainly notice the boost in employee productivity and business-to-business interaction.

    SIP TRUNKS – Need Cost Efficient Communications
    ESI thinks so much of SIP technology which allows you to tie you phone lines and numbers into the internet, they bought the company. In fact, we like it too. There are instances where we can install a complete new system with the latest in technology and reduce your monthly phone line bill enough to pay for a complete system. With newer technology and features – like Mobile Messaging and Direct Inward Dialing! Our two hottest features in small business systems.

    Hosted Systems – VOIP

    Digital IP Hosted is a subscription system. You do not buy nor do you own or maintain a system, KSU or computer server on which the system runs. We provide the numbers and/or “port” your current numbers to the system. It is in the cloud (internet). The only purchase you make is for the IP telephones or required IP hardware.

    Or, we can build the telephones into the monthly operating budget. You will also need a satisfactory internet broadband connection. We will make recommendations based on the number of telephones and workstations on your network and can even provide a 48 hour study of your network simulating full capacity load. We want to provide you a great user experience from day one. These systems offer many of the same features found in our premise based digital and IP systems- Contact us for more information on our hosted offering.

    We offer a variety of hosted systems based on need, your requirements and our recommendations. We will come to your location and survey your requirements. There are three primary points of a hosted system. These are internet quality and speed, IT hardware, and telephone sets. Additional points to consider is the Cost of Hosted Service vs. Cost of Ownership. The hardware backbone for your IT network connectivity and administrative support/training. Digital Ip can manage your system or give you secure access for in house management. We will also train you to manage your system for self management. We will be happy to visit your site and discuss all aspects with you on all our system choices. The primary systems and hosted networks we offer are from ESI™, Panasonic™ and ESI VOIP Hosted System – Digital IP

  • Dictation

    Dictation has proven time and again its significant value. Digital Ip of San Antonio, Texas provides the latest in voice dictation/transcription hardware and software technology along with speech recognition software when required.

    When you need to be, mobile, hands free, dictate over a phone line and transcribe from anywhere in the world we have the right options for you.

    And, if you want to reduce your document transcription cost whether you are a one or multi person legal office/law firm, a one site/multi-location healtcare provider, law enforcement organization or insurance company we can help control cost, provide an ROI for your investment while helping you get more done with less effort and less cost. And, if you want to continue to dictate and have your transcriptionist do all the typing we can certainly help you there as well..

    Dictation and Transcription Systems

    Designed to make dictation and transcription easier, we offer a variety of professional handheld (link), microphone (link), telephone and hands free dictation systems (link). Whether you prefer to use an iPhone™ application (link), digital portable (link), telephone (link), microphone (link) or a hands free foot control/microphone (link) you can choose the option that suits you best. The best part is all the dictation is easily transferable to your transcriptionist (automatically/manually) allowing your assistant or secretary to transcribe the content immediately. Using the latest in web, ip, LAN, WAN, and Citrix technologies for greater workflow. Includes file encryption and back-up of your dictated work.

    We can also supply you with the latest in Hosted dictation/transcription solutions. You pay a small upfront fee per user for the annual contract renewable at a lower annual rate and not volume or quantity sensitive. We install and train for the most effective use and charge a small implementaion fee. Our annual renewal then runs less with each successive term.

    Speech Recognition Technology

    Advancements in software and technology are simply amazing. We offer the latest in speech recognition technology, allowing you to simply talk into the computer, tablet, handheld digital portable or telephone. The words come right up on the screen and can be saved or edited as needed. It is the perfect tool for any office, as it can be used and licensed with as many people as needed. You can learn more about the speech software and the company behind it by reading the most recent press release.

  • Cabling

    Yes, We do it all – cabling, installation, systems equipment and training. CAT 5/6e for data networks and telephone. There is a minimal cost difference between CAT 3 and CAT 5. CAT5/6e are recommended for the future requirements.

    We very seldom utilize CAT 3 cabling. Digital IP has been cabling for over 25 years and years and our installation technicians have over 20 years of cabling experience per technician.

    As my grandpa used to say, ” it’s easy if you know what you are doing”. We back our cabling for life (excluding fire, war or natural disaster). Here are some examples.

    And, our cost is competitive with the market for professional quality results. We give you Quality that continues to last – while many others have you continuously paying the price for cheap work. When you call – someone will be there when they say they will be there. And, it will be done right!

    Digital Ip can make your phone closet look like this:

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